Shelton Timber Treatment Co's post manufacturing department is a fully vertically integrated business. We truck, peel process, treat and deliver to our customers across the state of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. This intensive process guarantees our customers the highest quality products not only delivered on time but at extremely competitive pricing. With over 50 years experience in the timber treatment industry, we can assure our customers of quality in all aspects of our manufacturing process.

Shelton Timber Treatment Co. (S.T.T.C.) was established in 1966 by Pat Shelton, who saw the need for a locally owned timber company in the Colac Region. With extensive knowledge of the industry the company was in a perfect position to become soundly established within a short period of time. Shelton Timber Treatment Co has grown into an extensive operation.

Shelton Timber Treatment Co's operations are based in Colac Victoria and are centred around the preservative treatment of a vast range of Radiata Pine posts and timber products as can be seen from our extensive product range. Shelton Timber Treatment Co. take the utmost care in preparing your finished product.

Shelton Timber Treatment Co constantly strive to move forward so that our processes are the safest for our employees and the environment in general, assuring the most efficient product for our customers. Shelton Timber Treatment Co aims to be simply the best timber processor within their industry

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