Pine mulch is particularly long lasting and best suited to areas around garden environments and dairy farm cattle tracks as it is a product that decomposes back into the environment.

We supply un-treated mulch that is entirely a by-product of our timber operations and contain no refuse or pollutants. It has proven to be suitable for children's play areas, Riding Arenas, Paths as well as mulching shrubs and plants.

In order to maximise the benefits of mulch, it is often applied in late spring/early summer when soil temperatures have risen sufficiently, but soil moisture content is still relatively high. Furthermore, at this point in the growing season, plants should be well enough established to be able to cope well with the application of the mulch.

In temperate climates, the effect of mulch is dependent upon the time of year at which it is applied as it tends to slow changes in soil temperature and moisture content. Mulch, when applied to the soil in late winter/early spring, will slow the warming of the soil by acting as an insulator, and will hold in moisture by preventing evaporation.

Mulch, when applied at the time of peak soil temperatures in mid-summer, will maintain high soil temperatures further into the autumn.

The effect of mulch upon soil moisture content in mid-summer is complex however. Mulch prevents sunlight from reaching the soil surface, thus reducing evaporation. However, mulch can absorb much of the rainfall provided during light rainfall, which will later quickly evaporate when exposed to sunlight, thus preventing absorption into the soil, whilst heavy rainfall is able to saturate the mulch layer, and reach the soil below.

Available in 7m3 and 25m3.

If you would like to purchase mulch from us whether for private garden use or on a wholesale basis please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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